Top 5 Best Movies & Tv Shows You Must Watch!!!

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Best quality Tv shows must watch on Moviebox

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List of 5 Best Tv Shows Must Watch on movie streming sites

Breaking bad: Breaking bad is an American neo western crime television series produced and directed by Vince Gilligan. The series consists of five seasons, which were aired from 20 th January 2008 to 29 th September 2013. The title of the series refers to as raise hell or turn towards crime. The storyline revolves around the struggling high chemistry teacher named Walter White, who also suffers with lung cancer. He and along with his former student Jesse Pinkman turns into crime life by selling the crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family financial status. In this process, he faces the dangers that are revolving in the world of criminal.

The Walking Dead: The Walking dead is an American apocalyptic horror Tv show based on the The Walking Dead comic book series written by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. It consists of eight seasons and a total of 112 episodes. The storyline begins with the lead character named Rick Grimes, who is the sheriff deputy. He awakens from the coma and discovers the world is struggling with the deadly zombies (refers to as walkers in the series). Later he meets his family and form a group of survivors and become the leader of that group. Together with his group, he fights with the zombies or walkers to save the remaining people. Game of Thrones The list will not be completed without mentioning this famous and amazing Tv series

Game of Thrones: It is an American fantasy drama Tv series created by D.B Weiss and David Benioff. The series consists of total eight seasons till now where the first series aired on HBO channel on 17 th April 2017 and the last seventh season ended on 27 th August 2017. The last season of the series will make its premiere in the year 2019 and that will be the end of the Game of Thrones series. This series was based on A Song of Ice and Fire which is a fantasy novel written by George R.R Martin. The series was a huge hit across the world and got more viewership throughout the world.

Grey’s Anatomy: Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama Tv series created by Shonda Rhimes and premiered on 27 th March 2005 on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company). The series revolves around the lead character Meredith Grey, who is the daughter of senior surgeon Ellis Grey. This series mainly focuses on the life of surgical interns, attending physicians and residents who want to a doctor and trying to maintain their personal life and relationships. The series was based on the Grey’s Anatomy textbook of the classic human anatomy.

Jessica: Jones Jessica Jones is an American web Tv series created by Melissa Rosenberg and produced by Marvel Television along with ABC Studios. The series was based on Marvel comic book character with the same series name. The series plots the lead character Jessica Jones, who is a former superhero again opens her detective agency in the city. With the new case she again confronts her past. It consists of total two seasons with 26 episodes. The second season of the series was released on 8 th March 2018. Final verdict So guys, these are the top five best Tv shows of all time to watch. If you didn’t watch any one of these Tv shows, without late head over to movie streming sites or application and start the series today. If you have queries, just drop them in the comment box below.

Final verdict: So guys, these are the top five best Tv shows of all time to watch. If you didn’t watch any one of these Tv shows, without late head over to movie streming sites or application and start the series today. If you have queries, just drop them in the comment box below.